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General Public with an interest in the world and history

Simplistic reductions predict a clash of civilizations, which pits America-centric and Euro-centric views, against the cultures of Africa and Asia. History reveals a rich interplay of Eurasian (India, China, Persia, Russia) and African cultures that have led to European alphabets and culture. Citizens of the Global Village in McLuhan’s sense need to understand this big picture in order to recognize our common humanity. The abridged version is for those wishing a general survey. The full version and appendices are for those interested in the details.

Scholars (alphabetologists, historians, historians of  language, culture, linguists, philologists)

The past two centuries have seen two fundamental books on the history of alphabets: Taylor (1883), Diringer (1937, 1948). They focussed on Semitic languages of the Mediterranean as a source of alphabets. The present work offers a wealth of evidence to claim that there is a much bigger picture that includes the whole of Eurasia, and begins with Indo-European and hence Aryan sources. The full version and appendices (including 843 pages of illustrations) make a valuable reference work for all scholars of language and culture.

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