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Alphabets of Life Foundation

Mission Statement

The goal is to understand the roots and meanings of alphabet letters leading to a database and dictionary of letters and a new approach to culture. Such a comparative approach to the world’s alphabets aims at a greater understanding of the common roots of peoples, and our shared humanity.


There are dictionaries for the meanings of words and etymological dictionaries for the history of meanings of words. Study of early alphabets reveals that individual letters also have their own meanings. Letters, which formed the basis for speech and writing, are connected with early creation stories, cosmology, numerology, geometry, magic, mythology and religion.

There are 72 sacred alphabets linked with 72 names of God associated with the Tower of Babel in Babylon. Worldwide there are over 6,909 extant languages some of which have multiple alphabets. Most have stories connected with them. Predictably, the details of these stories vary with different tribes in different locations. Even so, research thus far confirms that there are underlying patterns linking alphabets around the world. Larger alphabets tell a cyclical story of creation, preservation and dissolution/new creation entailing a descent through 6 worlds. It is a descent into life and a return into everlasting life.

In the West, this becomes a descent through 4 worlds: monad, duad, a world of forms, and a world of complete and concrete manifestation. In the shorter alphabets, this is reduced to a descent through the first three worlds, also called: will, creation, formation. What had been an alphabet of creation of life and return to everlasting life becomes summarized in 7 letters linked with 7 days of creation, and 7 planets. In theory, the physical dimension is cut off and excluded from the story of the letters. In practice, the metaphysical connections are cut off from their usage. Hence, what began as alphabets of life, become merely alphabets used in everyday life and many of the underlying common grounds of early belief systems have been forgotten. These preliminary results of research have led to a two volume study (


The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the results and foster new research. This includes  developing a) a database that makes clear how the history of individual letters is linked with disciplines such as cosmology, mathematics and religion and b) a dictionary of letters. It is hoped that partial scholarships can be offered to attract visiting scholars to work in further detail on individual themes in a wider range of alphabets beyond the range of expertise of the founder.

In a world where McLuhan’s predictions of a global village, and globally connected villages are becoming a reality, this research on the roots of letters, speech and writing can make a contribution to greater understanding of common roots while acknowledging the needs for diversity of oral and written expression. If we cannot understand all the different languages and dialects in a post Tower of Babel world, it is all the more important to understand the common underlying themes we share as human beings.


The foundation will have its premises along with the VMMI at

Europalaan 73
Maastricht 6226 CN


  • Director: Kim H. Veltman, VMMI, Maastricht
  • Honorary Secretary: Nino Nien, Maastricht
  • Advisory Council: Professor Frederic Andres, NII, Tokyo

The foundation will be headed by Dr. Kim H. Veltman. Nino Nien will serve as Honorary Secretary. An advisory council will begin with Professor Frederic Andres (Tokyo) and will be increased in time.

There will be an annual meeting in Maastricht in December using Skype for those members not able to be present on location.


Alphabets of Life Foundation (Stichting Alfabetten van het Leven)                                       
Foundation Number: KVK 62102346        
Ing Bank, Vrijthof 45
Maastricht,  6211 LE
Account Number: NL86 INGB 0006 6740 12      

Alphabets of Life Annual General Meeting, 12 December 2015